yo what’s up everyone. last week me and a bunch of people piled in a car to go see Youth Of Today, Career Suicide, Mindset, Urban Blight and Easy Way Out in Toronto. it was a good gig. Youth Of Today were REALLY tight and seemed like they had fun playing. Career Suicide, Mindset, Urban Blight and Easy Way Out were really good too. shout outs to EZ Crew. no street veggie dogs were eaten though, kind of a bummer. but we went to this Chinese joint on Spadina and i had some great fried tofu for pretty cheap so that was really cool. peace to Mariful for letting us crash two nights…

a few show announcements:

tonight is Wisdom In Chains, Strength For A Reason, Born Low, Twitching Tongues and True North Strong at Foufounes Electriques. $13, 18+. doors at 7. this tour is also going to La Baie, Quebec City and Gatineau. i might check out some of the other dates if i can find rides.

next saturday November 26th, Revenge, Palehorse, Lay Waste, Rage Brigade and Wrong Hands at Death Church. $10, all ages. doors at 7.

…and monday November 28th, Terror, Cruel Hand, Enforcers, Head Check and a special guest at Underworld, $15 in adv. $20 at the door. doors at 7.

that’s it for november. also, what will probably be the gig of the year:

you better be there.

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here’s a video interview I did last wednesday with Justice from Trapped Under Ice. they’re on the road right now supporting their new record Big Kiss Goodnight, make sure you check it out. peace.

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I met up with my man Victor In Pain at the metro and we walked to the venue. We got there and said what’s up to everybody. then the gig commenced.

PLUS MINUS opened and were really tight as usual, unfortunately save for the last two songs no one but a handful of people were moving. the new songs sound tight and I can’t wait to hear them on record. 

TAKE OFFENSE were next and it was their first time in MTL, i was surprised by the reaction they had but it made me really happy to see kids show them love. people were going buck and it was the illest time. their lead guitar player knows how to use a whammy bar. Walks Of Life had me skanking. if you never listened to them do yourself a favor and check their shit out, no doubt.

BACKTRACK was the next band I watched. they played a perfect blend of songs from the demo, 7” and the new LP (which is absolutely dope by the way). I was mad stoked when they played “Darker Half” which is my favorite song off the new LP. whoever wrote that first riff must’ve been listening to a lot of ICEMEN. i love it. a lot of dives and stage moshing which was cool. 

TRAPPED UNDER ICE wrapped up probably one of the best shows of the year. they opened with the first cut on the new record, “Born To Die” and had tons of kids singing along already which was awesome. the pit got a little more insane as it always does when they play MTL. some people got hit pretty hard but no one got seriously hurt which was cool. they played a good chunk of new songs which i was really into since their new LP is amazing but also did some cuts off Secrets Of The World, Stay Cold and the demo which was dope. Soul Vice gets me pitting every fucking time. they finished with Still Cold into Reality Unfolds, but kids were asking for more so they played Gemini and shit got real. i even busted a “dive” if you dare call it that.

yo really though, this was the perfect example of a real hardcore show. it was a great turnout, everyone was just chillin’ outside shooting the shit between the bands, talking about food, some people were smoking weed and drinking and hanging out, etc. i also got to see a lot of people i hadn’t seen in ages which was really cool and made me happy. a bunch of people went to get pizza after, then i  hopped on the train home to go the fuck to sleep. a great night indeed for a wednesday. 

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record/demo reviews

yo what’s good everybody, tomorrow in MTL there’s a pretty ill gig going down, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, BACKTRACK, TAKE OFFENSE and MTL’s own PLUS MINUS will be playing at UNDERWORLD. doors at 6, show at 7, 15 bones, hit the pit. make sure you go scope out the new PLUS MINUS joint, it’s pretty ill.

also, Saturday at Death Church is the Halloween cover show my main man Alex put together as a benefit for the Quebec Cystic Fibrosis foundation. Integrity, Judge, Cro-Mags and Have Heart cover bands are playing. $5 with a costume, $7 without. come chill!

here’s some shit I listened to today that I wrote reviews for.

UNITED YOUTH - SOMETHING 2 PROVE: unless you had your head up your ass for the last year you’ve heard that name. a lot of people have been talking shit about those dudes (which i think is pathetic) for the fact that their friends support them. well they recently dropped their 7” and it’s a split release on Lockin’ Out / Back To Back records. there’s also a ill cover by Spoiler (when was the last time you drew a X’d up dude? good look). Dana sounds like Skip from demo era Turning Point, it’s cool as fuck. the new songs are well put together and the recording sounds a lot better than the demo.  there are guest appearances from Ned from Disengage/Title Fight and Greg Mental (on “Wrong Mentality” and “My Say”, respectively). there’s also a re-recording of “For The Worst” from the demo. my favorite jam off this thing is “Faceless” simply for the skank part at the beginning. this piece of wax should shut up any badmouthers. get your own copy at or

NEW BRIGADE - DEMO: yo, straight out of So Cal is this new straight edge band. 4/5 dudes in this band is in Minority Unit. this shit is ILL. this style is kind of saturated these days but those dudes do it right. this is what real hardcore sounds like. mosh parts and fast parts. divebombs. good riffs. a recipe to success if you ask me. the fact that they’re a straight edge band is icing on the cake. seriously if you sleep on this you’re a FOOL. download this joint right here:

GOOD TIMES - SHORTER, FASTER, RADDER: this band hails from the Jersey Shore. i listened to their demo when it came out earlier this year and it was pretty cool, but i enjoy their new release a lot more. there’s a definite Get Real influence musically, and the lyrics talk about partying, crooked cops, surfing, bbq’s, shoobies, and living life. the lyrics are pretty well written too. here’s my favorite quote from the last song: “i can’t sit around and run my dreams into the ground for some scale of success made by society, that’s fucking weak.” you can listen to the whole thing for free right here:


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on this day, twenty-three years ago…

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what’s up everybody, hope you’re having a good weekend. last night was the MTL release for Ben Pepin’s book “Ta Yeule” at Death House. amongst others, Omegas and Slobs were playing and it was a pretty good show. I hadn’t seen Omegas in a little while so it was good to see them for sure. props to Ben for putting out a really awesome book and to dan and spoiler @ bsviv for printing it.

alright, to the interview. now, unless you’ve had your head up your ass for the last 2-3 years you’ve definately heard about sunny can be seen at many shows in the north eastern united states with his video camera on him. i think what he does is extremely important to this scene so i figured it’d be cool to get some insight from the other side of the lens. hope you enjoy. HATE5SIX.COM RULES, OK?!? interview conducted via e-mail september 2011.

-Yo Sunny, thanks for taking the time to do this. For those who don’t know who you are and what you do, give us some info about you.

My name is Sunny, I’m 25 years old and I run

-How long have you been involved with hardcore? What was the first gig you went to?

 I started going to local pop-punk/hardcore in 2000 or so when I was a high school freshman. I honestly can’t recall the bands; most likely a slew of awful South Jersey bands. I still loved it.

-When did you start filming shows? What motivated you to start doing that?

I picked up a video camera in 2001/2002. My friends were starting bands and booking shows and I wanted to get involved in some capacity. This was well before YouTube so I really didn’t know what I’d end up doing with the footage, but I continued to film. I was also an avid bootleg Rage Against the Machine trader at the time, so I’ve had this desire to document and disseminate coursing through me since day 1. I stopped filming around 2003/2004 and picked back up in 2007. I’ve been filming non-stop since then. I’ve got around 500 sets under my belt now.

-Has there been instances where your camera got damaged badly at a show? have you yourself ever sustained injuries filming?

My camera took a beer bath at the April 2008 Paint it Black show in a Philadelphia street. I get kicked in the legs, stomach, nuts, etc at almost every show.

-What was the craziest set you’d say you ever filmed?

Probably Trial at Burning Fight. I took a step back from the lens at one point and said to myself, “oh my god.” I had a very similar visceral reaction to All Else Failed at This Is Hardcore.

-What was your favorite show of 2011?

I’m gonna go with one I didn’t personally film. 108/Damnation AD at The Barbary in Philadelphia. January 9, 2011. I faced a lot of personal demons that night and left feeling for the first time in two years that everything would be okay.

-Yo, asides from hardcore I know you have a passion for Flatland BMX, I saw you pull some ill shit at Screaming For Change ‘11. When did you start? Do you do contests or is it just for kicks?

I started dabbling in flatland in 1999, but I got serious about it in 2001. I pretty much ride for myself, but I’m sponsored by my good friend, Chad, who runs Remorse BMX (formerly Function BMX). I find the same sense of solace and peace when I hear my tire carving circles in asphalt as I do when I’m pummeling myself and screaming to my favorite bands. It’s all about release via whatever channels you have at your disposal.

-I saw you at every TIH fest i’ve been to (‘09, ‘10, ‘11). You film EVERY band. How can you stand staying in the heat for up to 12 hours a day holding a camera? Doesn’t your lens get all fogged up after a while?

I get this a lot. I’m a masochist and a perfectionist. If I don’t film a band I feel bad. TIH has become my yearly “goal”—it’s my own personal marathon. I take documentation very seriously. I get emails from people all over the world thanking me for allowing them to “experience” their favorite bands they never get to see live, to kids telling me my videos are what got them into hardcore, to even some people telling me that hardcore (and my videos in particular) “saved” their lives. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but it’s really intense. To me, this is so much more than pointing a piece of fucking plastic/glass at a band. It’s about allowing people to engage with music in a new way. This is something normals won’t understand. There’s a reason hardcore kids destroy themselves and each other at shows. The songs and pileups tell a story that I feel is important to share.

-Outside of hardcore and BMX, what else is going on in your life? What are some of your other interests?

I just moved to Boston to start at job as a computer scientist in the field of natural language processing and computational linguistics. I’m bummed about leaving Philly and all its amazing shows, but this is a life-goal I’ve wanted for so long. Luckily, I won’t be too far from home. That’s pretty much my life though: hate5six, flatland, and science. I couldn’t be happier.

-TOP 5:

favorite current bands?

This frequently changes and some of these aren’t even that current, but: Pulling Teeth, Mindset, Seraphim, 108, Make Do and Mend

all time bands?

108, Damnation AD, Trial, Inside Out, Rage Against the Machine


I just listen to music; I couldn’t tell you whether a certain song was on a demo or LP/EP (wait, is there even a difference between EP and 7”?) I’m admittedly very fucking clueless about this shit. I’ll list my current top 5 albums instead (this also changes with m mood): 

108 - Songs of Separation

108 - Threefold Misery

Unbroken - Life Love Regret

Damnation AD - No More Dreams of Happy Endings

Make Do and Mend - Bodies of Water.

Shows you have attended?

Burning Fight - May 2-3, 2009 - Chicago, IL

108/Damnation AD - January 9, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA

Unbroken - April 9, 2011 - NYC

RATM - Coachella 2009

Explosions in the Sky is playing next week; I’m sure it’ll make the cut

-Yo, that’s a wrap! Thanks again for your time. Anything else you would like to add? Last words, shout outs?

Volume One of the hate5six diaries will be out soon. It’s a 4 hour DVD with live footage of 18 bands. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to One Hundred for Haiti. Visit for more info. And, as always, think before you speak. 

“A man who posses a language posses as an indirect consequence the world expressed and implied by this language.” ~ F. Fanon

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a general update: news, gig reviews.

yo what’s up everybody. thanks to all of you who are following this already, i appreciate it a lot. spread the word to all your friends.

let’s kick this joint off with a couple of show announcements. thursday, Title Fight is playing a show with a bunch of bad bands at a venue with dumb guido bouncers. if it wasn’t $20 i’d definately go. this friday, Double Negative from North Carolina are gigging with Omegas, Slobs and Subliminal Decay at Death House. it’s also the MTL launch for Ben Pepin’s photo book, “Ta Yeule”. starts around 9pm. there’s gonna be refreshments courtesy of Pabst, if you’re into that. this weekend there’s also Not Dead Yet fest going down in TO with a whole bunch of sweet bands. I wish i went to that. wednesday october 26th at Underworld there’s Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Take Offense and Plus Minus which should be a banger. saturday october 29th there’s a benefit halloween cover show for Cystic Fibrosis at Death Church, with Integrity, Hatebreed, Cro-Mags and Judge being covered. it should be a good time, come dressed and mosh/sing along to your favorite bands for a good cause. the last half of october is pretty promising!

alright now moving on here’s a pair of reviews for shows i’ve recently attended right here in Montreal.

Bane / Dead End Path / Enforcers, October 13th at Underworld: alright so as most of you know Miles Away and Defeater had to drop for various reasons. regardless there was still a good chunk of people at the show. Enforcers opened and were tight as usual. their 12”, End Of Time is due out soon on A389 recordings, with the CD version dropping on Lifers Records. i’m itching to hear the new songs, i happened to tear my jeans up moshing while they were playing. after a bad attempt at taping them up i got hooked up with some shorts to last me the rest of the night, which was real cool. so yeah Enforcers were ill, as usual. Dead End Path played after and I think it was my favorite time seeing them next to the show they played at Death House last June (with Free Spirit, United Youth, Easy Way Out and my band Look Beyond, which was a total banger). people were pitting pretty hard and singing along to almost every song. I did a video interview with Uriah which you can watch right here: . Bane played after and I think they stretched their setlist a bit to kind of make up for the bands that weren’t playing, i wasn’t mad at all. i have nothing new to say about those guys, i’ve never seen them play a bad set ever. they played Count Me Out which might be my favorite song from them and a lot of people were, again, singing along and moving. good way to spend a Thursday night, no doubt. 

Agnostic Front / True North Strong / Slobs/ Harriers, October 16th at Foufounes Electriques: alright so I got to the venue around 6h30ish, bumped into some friends and hung out outside talking about movies and shit and basically just hanging out waiting for the doors to open/show to start. Harriers opened the show with the intro to Killing In The Name Of by RATM, they’ve been doing it at a couple of shows already but it sounded dope as fuck that night. they played their regular set list, I wish they recorded more songs and put out an actual demo/7” or something. they definately have enough songs for that. shout out to Simon Denis’ ignorant pitting. Slobs played after to an audience of confused people (more on the crowd later). it seemed no one really cared about them which definately was a bummer. they sounded really good. i’m stoked to see them friday. i went on the balcony to hang out with people for a little while between the bands and catch up with people i haven’t seen in a little while. that was cool. True North Strong hit the stage, the average height and weight in that band must be like 6’5”/260 lbs. no joke more than half of the band work as bouncers. if you’re a fan of hard ignorant shit you will love this. think like Fury Of V meets Ringworm. I guess they’re back with two vocalists now which is real cool. not a lot of bands can pull it off but they definately can. a lot of people were pitting, they definately got the hardest reaction out of all the local bands. their bass player Tom has started booking hardcore shows under the name Sanctuary, support that shit. anyway they sounded really tight, i have nothing else to say. i’m looking forward to more releases from those dudes. then it was time… Agnostic Front got on stage. they opened with The Eliminator, played a TON of classics (Victim in Pain, Your Mistake, Power, Toxic Shock, United and Strong, Public Assistance, Anthem, Last Warning, Blind Justice and a couple more i can’t remember right about now) as well as some newer jams. all in all though they were really good, Stigma was being Stigma and they even took requests at one point. good set. some old drunk dude that was taking his push mosh shehanigans a tad too far got knocked out, which was preceded/followed by a little altercation between a few inebriated attendees (one of which was dressed as a hybrid between an old biker chick and a guidette) and venue security/staff. luckily it was diffused rather quickly and responsibly, but i’d lie if i said i didn’t laugh. it also seems every time there’s a hardcore show at Foufs there are a breed of dickheads that never roll out for any other show and trade their ed hardy v necks for hot topic madball tees two sizes too small. those people also have NO idea how to mosh, it’s pretty funny. does this happen in any other city? hit me up with feedback. anyway it was a good gig. shout out to Veggie Burger aka Victor In Pain. peace!

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everybody come out to this, should be a good time. shout out to my man Alex.

everybody come out to this, should be a good time. shout out to my man Alex.

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here’s a video interview I did with Uriah of Dead End Path. enjoy.

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"A Brand New Start, For Those Who Still Care…"

what’s up everybody, this is my new fanzine, called Say It To My Face. the online portion will mostly have gig reviews, record reviews and video interviews. I’m working on a paper based zine which should come out hopefully relatively soon. for now, follow this, tell your friends and keep peepin’ for new content. Listen to Underdog. Peace.

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